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Selena Almendarez discovers she's a witch the day a mysterious man shows up at her door. Ginny eventually figured out what she had been doing, despite having no memory of what happened during the times she was possessed, after finding herself covered in feathers and rooster blood. He received it in front of her, as she was going into a Charms lesson, when he was accosted by the dwarf assigned to deliver it. Hermione Granger was one of Ginny's best female friends and her confidante. Ron discouraged Harry from " getting [Ginny's] hopes up ," mentioning that his sister was " really cut up " when Harry attempted to end their relationship.

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They're both very strong and very passionate. She had the typical Weasley family traits: Ginny started dating Dean Thomas at the end of her fourth year. She excelled as a Chaser and was given a spot on the roster. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione brought her parents home from Australia and restored their memories.

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Around Easter, Ginny had had her first real one on one conversation with Harry in the library, during which they ate Easter eggs together. When Umbridge threatened to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry to make him tell her what he was doing, Hermione faked a breakdown and told a lie about a weapon that Albus Dumbledore had told them to make. Much to Ginny's displeasure, Bill sent Fleur to live with the Weasley family for a few days, during which time Ginny took to referring to Fleur as "Phlegm," and complained about Fleur's tendency to patronise Ron. The time she spent getting ready for the ball paid off; she was almost unrecognisable to her peers, even Harry didn't notice her at first. In confiding in the diary her deepest fears and secrets Ginny became increasingly vulnerable to Tom Riddle's memory, which began to pour a little of his own soul back into her and slowly started to influence her.

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