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Covenant ', David was shown to be the chief developer of the first Xenomorph eggs that contain the "Facehuggers". These warriors were less humanoid and sometimes walked on all fours. There must be a common nutrient found in the Black Goo in Prometheus and all other types of food that would nourish the developing Xenomorph otherwise like the Xenomorph being able to determine that Ripley had a Queen inside of her all Xenomorphs would be able to determine which foods contained the same nutrients found in the Black Goo.

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Alien Queen

They are masters of stealth; a favored method of acquiring prey is to wait in a dormant state until an appropriate victim strays near, and then drop down silently from behind or use its tail to impale whoever walks by. Or rather, would have been taken. This stage is seen with Number Six. She is able to detach from the ovipositor in an emergency, and will regenerate a new one when the danger is finally over. One theory is that the smooth-headed Xenomorph was a Drone, and the ridge-headed Xenomorphs were Warriors The Xenomorph in the first movie built a nest, which only Drones can do since it is their job in the colony.

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Xenomorphs are capable of surviving with limbs shot off as seen in AVP3 the game and Aliens. Through experiments, it was discovered that the embryo attaches itself to a major artery of its host, to get nutrients as it grows. Some species of terrestrial fish such as the Barreleyes see through a transparent layer of skin; it is possible Xenomorph vision is similar. The sense that detects nearby, suitable organisms has to be very specific in what it chooses to respond to. All Xenomorphs have this trait, excluding the Newborn. The ability to inherit traits from its hosts also suggests that it incorporates genetic material from them, implying that the Xenomorph either has DNA, or is able to read and convert DNA into whatever means it uses to store genetic information.

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