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Eggman's takeover of Mobotropolis. Eggman's takeover, when grievous injuries to Bunnie's body forced Uncle Chuck to partially Roboticize her. Despite her obvious physical scars, she displayed her tremendous strength and quickly became one of the Freedom Fighters' best members. Although her metal half works flawlessly for the most part, in the episode "Sonic Past Cool", the telescoping ability of her legs referred to as 'leg ladders' and 'ladder legs' cause her problems several times.

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Sally was forced to inform the others that only Sonic, Tails, and Amy had been accepted into the tournament despite her efforts to get them erotic nikki ashton on the roster. Initially, Bunnie saw Cassia and her cheerful attitude towards her body modifications with disgust, thinking she had voluntarily replaced her perfectly normal body parts with cybernetics as an "upgrade" - upon finding out Cassia only did it because there were no other options to treat her illness, her anger softened. Because this plot will not come to pass, it is not considered canon. Bunnie also gained the ability to fire lasers directly from the palm of her hand, without having to transform her arm into a cannon. Eventually, she, alongside fellow Freedom Fighter member Gemerlwere ordered to save the civilians of X when they were falling off a building due to damage it sustained from the worlds being merged.

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As a child, Bunnie wore purple overalls, a white shirt, gloves, and bows at the tip of her ears. Bunnie put her cybernetics to good use fighting the Eggman Empire, but over time Eggman's technology became more advanced which caused Tails and Rotor to design some new upgraded cybernetics for her, though the modifications done to Bunnie would probably make her partial Roboticization permanent. She is incredibly courageous and self-sacrificing, but not to the point of recklessness; her greatest fear is that something might befall her husband or their friends. While Bunnie had no romantic ties in SatAM though did sometimes engage in flirtatious behavior , she showed her gratitude to Sonic for saving her life in the comics with mild flirting "You're fast, and cute! Unfortunately, the friends had little time to recover, as the planet then broke apart beneath them.

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