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Adopted by the notorious Du Couteau family, he now plies his deadly trade at the empire's command, assassinating enemy leaders, captains, and heroes… as well as any Noxian foolish enough to earn the scorn of their masters. Posted October 23, at 2: League Lore - Talon. Talon tosses a volley of blades, dealing physical damage to units hit and returning to him after a delay. Talon is posing adequately informal however the proportions of his physique are unusual. Not just as an assassin, or as a daughter, but as a Noxian.

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BardJayceKarthusSejuani. Noxian Diplomacy [Q] Cost: Talon selected life, on the situation that his service was to Du Couteau alone, for the one kind of orders he might respect have been from one he couldnt defeat.

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