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As a Homeworld soldier, Jasper answers to Yellow Diamond but is not too loyal to her. During the fight, she uncharacteristically thanks the Crystal Gems for proving her previous opinion wrong — that fusion is not just some cheap trick. I'm still on the fence about whether or not individual fusions can change shape over time or not, but my skinny jasper lapis idea is that when an individual fusion is first formed, that's what they're stuck with, but another fusion of those same gem types but different people look different. Are her bands or stripes whatever they're technically calledmore than they appear to be? Fighting is my life! After facing constant defeat at the hands of the Crystal Gems, Jasper becomes desperate and even captures Corrupted Gems in order to ensure her victory.

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Pearl White liked to think of herself as talented, not that she was cocky, she wasn't, honest, but she was proud. In a world where the circumstances of the war were quite different, and Gem society has fully integrated itself with the humans, a group of gems will work to protect the planet from whatever might threaten it. Jasper can also take refuge in her gemstone after being wounded to heal. She has to put other Gems down to stay on top.

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One day he's sent to live with a family that seems to be falling apart already. She has a fantastic reputation, she's considered the greatest Quartz soldier produced on Earth, and that might impress other Gems, but it will never be good enough for her.

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